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Who rules in the kingdom of Arnheim? That’s who I am developing today.

Charles Ernest Butler - King Arthur
Charles Ernest Butler – King Arthur

Not entirely surprising, since this is a Lawful Good kingdom, the ruler is a Paladin. A paladin is a holy knight, a crusader for righteousness.

When I started detailing the kingdom of Arnheim, I stated that according to Kelly’s system, it had a political power level of XI. The ruler of an XI realm is a king or queen.

This character will be an 18th level Paladin in game terms. A revered monarch.

Kelly recommends that Paladin have the following impact on a realm’s culture and beliefs: Chivalry, crusades, honor, horsemanship, intolerance of evil, knightly orders.

I will name him King Dietrich IV.

I’m using the steps outlined in Kent David Kelly’s excellent Game World Generator Deluxe Editionwhich you can pick up here. With 434 pages of world building goodness, it is an absolute steal at $3.99 and even goes on sale below that.

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