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Realm Resources

Every region has grain and livestock. The estuary means significant fishing. Since Arnheim’s border runs over a mountain range, there are considerable stone resources.

These resources are common to almost all regions. I am more interested in the resources specific to the Kingdom of Arnheim.

Two of Arnheim’s resources are timber (and shipbuilding supplies) as well as fabrics and other textiles.

About these resources: The hills and mountains of Arnheim are covered with herds of goats. Goat hair from Arnheim is a coveted textile resource. The hair produces a silk-like fabric or yarn and is considered a luxury fabric.

The woods are full of spruce, pine and oak. The oak is very popular for shipbuilding.

I’m using the steps outlined in Kent David Kelly’s excellent Game World Generator Deluxe Editionwhich you can pick up here. With 434 pages of world building goodness, it is an absolute steal at $3.99 and even goes on sale below that.

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