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Proportional Humanoid Populations

Here is the breakdown of the population of humanoids in the kingdom of Arnheim:

225 Bugbears
375 Goblins
1,875 Hobgoblins (snow)
225 Kobolds

This is already a pretty good size for a tribe. I think I will have a very small offshoot, though, that lives separately.

Small Group:
15 Bugbears
20 Goblins
45 Hobgoblins (1 4th-level leader)
15 Kobolds

Large Group:
210 Bugbears
355 Goblins
1,830 Hobgoblins (1 12th-level leader and 3-4 8th-level lieutenants)
210 Kobolds

I’m using the steps outlined in Kent David Kelly’s excellent Game World Generator Deluxe Editionwhich you can pick up here. With 434 pages of world building goodness, it is an absolute steal at $3.99 and even goes on sale below that.

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