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Dragons of the World

Within the kingdom of Arnheim, there are fourteen great dragons.

There are cave drakes, cold drakes, fire drakes and water drakes.

My starting area map, however, is only about a third of the kingdom, so only four great dragons appear on my starting area map. Here is their basic layout:

Dragon Map
Dragon Map

I have used blue to represent cold drakes, which are very powerful dragons but do not breathe fire, and red to represent fire drakes, which do breathe fire.

The cold drakes, not surprisingly, love the cold. They like to live up high on the mountains and further north.

Fire drakes not only breathe fire, they also cast spells. They are very dangerous, so I have only included one in my starting area.

The placements are not set in stone. There are not adamantium chains anchoring them to one spot. They can fly freely, and dragons are very swift on the wing, easily covering 72 miles in one day.

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