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Do you like cliffhangers? I love a good cliffhanger between chapters or even scenes within chapters. That’s what keeps us turning the page to see what will happen.

He was just shot, but will he survive? He just called her by the wrong name, but will he survive? She discovers that her boyfriend is already married, but will he survive?

Cliffhangers within the story are great, but what about cliffhangers at the end of the book?

You’ve read through hundreds of pages and you know the plot has too many loose ends, and then you realize you only have a few pages before the end of the book. It’s a sure sign that a cliffhanger is coming.

On the one hand, it is terrible news. You’ve want to know what is going to happen, and you want to know now. (And, of course, it is really annoying when you find out those few pages aren’t the rest of the book you are reading, but a preview of totally different book).

On the other hand, it is great news. Another book is coming. You aren’t getting a quick wrap-up after hundreds of pages. You are getting hundreds of more pages to spend with the characters you’ve already given so much time and emotions.

The only problem is when the next book hasn’t been released yet. You might have to wait four years for a sequel. Or it might be eight years have passed and still no sequel because the other decided to write a companion novel instead of finishing his trilogy (I’m looking at you Mr. Rothfuss).

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