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We Have a Problem

Here is a problem that I have observed in various disciplines and in people from all walks of life.

Nine times out of ten, each person knows only one side of a problem. And what you think that you know about the other side of the problem is just what the people on your side of the problem have told you about the other side.

Can we not just sit down for ten minutes and read something from the other side?

Ask someone from the other side what they think you should read, see or hear.

Even better, determine that you will be able to express the other side’s position so well that they they will agree that you are correct about their position.

Even if you still do not agree with them, you will at least know their side well enough that you can know that you really do disagree with their position and not with the straw man built by your side.

Soap box finished. Thank you.

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