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Dragons of the World

Within the kingdom of Arnheim, there are fourteen great dragons. There are cave drakes, cold drakes, fire drakes and water drakes. My starting area map, however, is only about a third of the kingdom, so only four great dragons appear on my starting area map. Here is their basic layout: I have used blue to […]

Placing Major Humanoid Lairs on a Region Map

My starting town is Kennisdorp, so I wanted to place the small hobgoblin band near it. These hobgoblins (bugbears, goblins, and kobolds too) are operating throughout the Cloister Wood. Since I have created a new species of hobgoblin called the snow hobgoblin, I wanted to place them in the Stonebarrow Mountains. I think the Howling […]

Proportional Humanoid Populations

Here is the breakdown of the population of humanoids in the kingdom of Arnheim: 225 Bugbears375 Goblins1,875 Hobgoblins (snow)225 Kobolds This is already a pretty good size for a tribe. I think I will have a very small offshoot, though, that lives separately. Small Group:15 Bugbears20 Goblins45 Hobgoblins (1 4th-level leader)15 Kobolds Large Group:210 Bugbears355 […]

Humanoid Population Types

With the prevailing terrain as cold mountains, I will have hobgoblins as the dominant humanoid race. These are not ordinary hobgoblins. These will be snow goblins. They have thicker skin, are smarter and stronger and have a natural climbing ability.

Humanoid Populations

Humanoids are rare here, but encountered groups can be relatively large (400 or fewer individuals). There will be between 2,000 and 4,000 humanoids in the kingdom. I’m going to populate Arnheim with 2,700 humanoids. I can assume that 945 are female and produce 1,890 young every six months. This equates to 3,780 newborns per year […]

Demi-Human Numbers and Leadership

So, I have determined that the dominant race of demi-humans in the kingdom of Arnheim are the dwarves. That does not mean that they are the only race in Arnheim. If there are 3,400 demi-humans in the kingdom of Arnheim, they would break down this way: 3,094 Dwarves34 Halflings (I’m considering replacing these with Gnomes)34 […]

Demi-Human Population Spreads

The kingdom of Arnheim is a vast region. Around Rikhaven Bay, the temperature tends to be warmer. Further north and in the mountains, it is much colder. Just ballparking, but from north to south, the kingdom of Arnheim is 850 miles. Consider the difference in temperature from Rome, Italy to Copenhagen, Denmark (about 830 miles). […]

Demi-Human Populations

Four or five subregions on my continent map will eventually be demi-human kingdoms. The rest of the subregions of the continent are human kingdoms or I should say human dominating kingdoms. In the other subregions there are some demi-humans. There are some demi-humans in the Kingdom of Arnheim. They are rare here, but encountered groups […]


Who rules in the kingdom of Arnheim? That’s who I am developing today. Not entirely surprising, since this is a Lawful Good kingdom, the ruler is a Paladin. A paladin is a holy knight, a crusader for righteousness. When I started detailing the kingdom of Arnheim, I stated that according to Kelly’s system, it had […]

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