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Do you like cliffhangers? I love a good cliffhanger between chapters or even scenes within chapters. That’s what keeps us turning the page to see what will happen. He was just shot, but will he survive? He just called her by the wrong name, but will he survive? She discovers that her boyfriend is already […]

Turkish Delight

Have you ever tried Turkish Delight? When Jordan Bayazit could not find Turkish Delight for sale in the Vancouver area, he decided to try making it himself. From the attempts in his kitchen was born a new company. Bayco Confectionary has now been making Turkish Delight since 1984. They even offer a children’s gift box […]

Do I Need More Books?

You’ve probably seen the above graphic floating around social media lately. Books. We all love books. We love to read them, but there is also something special about the crispness of the paper on your fingers, that sound paper makes as you turn the page, and the smell of cracking open a new book. Maybe […]

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