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Realm Type

Arnheim is my starting area. The full region is 318,000 square miles. That’s 50% larger than the area of France, and over twice the area of Germany. Arnheim qualifies as a kingdom. That gives it a Political Power level of XI, according to Kelly’s system.

Detailing the Realm

Now I have to start on my Realm Detail Dossier. This can span multiple pages. Kelly said realm detail dossiers could easily become a 1,000 page campaign guide for all continental regions. I do not have to go that far yet. I just have to detail the one realm that my starting area occupies. First, […]

Placing the Danger Zones

I’m looking at my starting area map and thinking about the danger zones, areas where the characters in my story are at risk. I think seven zones should be a good number for this area. First, many medieval castles had cisterns beneath them. These were popular in the Middle East since antiquity. A Roman cistern […]

Filling in the Terrain

Great googly moogly, this was a lot of work. Part of the reason for that is that I want my map to mimic the style of the Patron Saint of Fantasy Cartography, Mr. J. R. R. Tolkien. Drawing all of those trees is very time consuming. But I like the overall effect. Now there are […]

Running the Roads

This step seems pretty self-explanatory. All of these towns and cities need a way to connect. Roads will go through other terrain features (hopefully tomorrow) and they also follow terrain features, such as rivers. Near the center of the map, four roads meet at the river. There will be a bridge there. In the south, […]

Settlement Traits

There are potentially hundreds of towns and cities across my continent. In my starting region, I only have four settlements, but I still need to keep them straight in my mind. Kent David Kelly, in his Game World Generator Deluxe Edition, provides a handy d100 chart for igniting your imagination regarding settlement traits. For one […]

Considering Major Cities and Towns

In the 14th century, the Black Plague wiped out half the population (even higher in some areas). The 14th century is also a very popular century for depicting the Middle Ages, especially in fantasy. Realistically, some of the cities in my world could have very high populations, upwards of 200,000 citizens. For the purpose of […]

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