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Drawing the Starting Area Map

Having used the Kingdom Map from Blog of Holding, I was able to scale and size my starting area map from the Continent Map. First, I drew in the Estuary, which was all I needed to draw to establish the landmass. Then I copied over the mountains from the Continent Map. This gave me a […]

Regional Map Scale

Once again, I recommend Blog of Holding’s hex paper, which you can download here. At this point, I am moving to the Kingdom Map. The Kingdom Map has four rows by four columns of the 60-mile hexes from the Continent Map. These hexes are then subdivided into 44 by 48 6-mile hexes.

Starting Region Selection

Now I am ready to choose the starting area for my stories. This is my Shire or Two Rivers. I’m still most interested in the area of the Estuary, so I have selected an area there. This region will give me the port city capital that I have planned and is large enough for a […]

Classification of Realms

Most fantasy is based on real world historical cultures. J. R. R. Tolkien’s Shire feels a lot like Southwest England. Could Ered Nimrais be the Alps? Robert E. Howard’s Aquilonia is certainly Medieval France and Cimmeria the Scottish Highlands. So I’ve taken a look at my map and placed historical analogues for the regions: The […]

Region Summary Sheet

I spent some time over the weekend reviewing my regions and determining several details about them. There are 15 small regions, 31 medium-sized regions, nine large regions, and ten vast regions. When forming my regions, I did not follow Kelly exactly. I had previously marked areas which would be wilderness, but I did not turn […]

Regional Numeration

After dividing my nine kingdoms into 64 subdivisions, I needed to number them. I don’t have a name for them yet, so numbering is the best way to keep track of them. Also, I will be making a worksheet to keep track of details for the regions as I develop them further. Here, I have […]

The Flow of the Wilderness

Not every square mile of the fantasy map is civilized. Large areas remain wilderness. This is good for a couple of reasons. One, it gives your characters a lot of places to explore, to perhaps tame and develop themselves. Two, it means you don’t have to develop them yourself. As you can see below, mountains […]

Political Subdivisions

These nine kingdoms are not small, so I have subdivided them into smaller provinces. Now there are baronies, counties, and duchies. If you look closely, you will see there are more subdivisions in the South and East. These are more developed kingdoms. The North and West are more likely to have warlords unwilling to divide […]

Regional Divisions

I was already planning nine kingdoms when I started this map. Now I’m sketching in some dotted lines to indicate where those kingdoms will be. I also marked off the mountainous region in the core. It is not a kingdom, more of a no-man’s land. Hmm… that gives me a thought, actually. It is no-“man”‘s […]

Great Lakes

Great freshwater lakes are very important for many reasons: fishing, shipping, drinking water, and more. If similar to earth, these would have been formedd 10 to 12 thousand years ago at the end of the last glacial period. As the glaciers retreated, they left great pools of meltwater. Great lakes are also good locations for […]

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